Mai Khao Travel & City Guide

The Perfect Haven for Serene Beach Getaways and Authentic Thai Experiences

Mai Khao, Phuket's longest beach, offers a serene escape from the island's bustling areas. Located on Phuket's northern tip, this pristine 11-km stretch of golden sands is part of the Sirinat National Park. For its tranquil ambiance, Mai Khao is renowned for its annual sea turtle nesting season. While it's a haven for those seeking relaxation, the nearby Splash Jungle Water Park and proximity to Phuket International Airport add convenience and entertainment. A stay in Mai Khao provides an authentic, untouched side of Phuket, combining natural beauty with modern amenities.

Mai Khao Beach in Phuket is the best option for travelers seeking:

Tranquility and Solitude: Unlike the bustling beaches of Patong or Karon, Mai Khao offers a more secluded and peaceful experience, making it ideal for those wanting to escape the crowds and unwind in serenity.

Nature Enthusiasts: As part of the Sirinat National Park, Mai Khao is a haven for wildlife, particularly during the turtle nesting season. Bird watchers and nature lovers can also enjoy the diverse fauna of the surrounding park.

Authenticity: Travelers seeking a less commercialized and more authentic Phuket experience will appreciate Mai Khao's untouched charm and local vibe.

Luxury Seekers: Mai Khao is home to several upscale resorts and villas, catering to those looking for a luxurious stay combined with privacy.

Proximity to the Airport: Mai Khao's close location to Phuket International Airport is a bonus for travelers on a short trip or those looking for convenience after a long flight.

Family-friendly Fun: With attractions like the Splash Jungle Water Park nearby, families with children can find entertainment while still enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the beach.

Environmental Conservationists: The emphasis on turtle conservation and sustainable tourism practices in Mai Khao may appeal to eco-conscious travelers.

Mai Khao Beach caters primarily to those wanting relaxation, luxury, and an intimate connection with nature, without compromising on modern amenities and accessibility.


Mai Khao Beach in Phuket offers accommodations to suit various tastes and budgets. Here are the types of accommodations you can find in Mai Khao Beach:

Luxury Resorts and Villas: Mai Khao is home to several high-end resorts and many international brands. These resorts often boast world-class amenities, including private pools, spas, fine dining restaurants, and direct beach access.

Boutique Hotels: The area has smaller, more intimate hotels that provide personalized service and unique design elements to give guests a special experience.

Private Villas: Ideal for those seeking ultimate privacy or traveling with a large group, private villas often come with their amenities, such as kitchens, private pools, and housekeeping services.

Beachfront Bungalows: For travelers wanting to stay as close to the sea as possible, beachfront bungalows provide a rustic and charming stay with the sand and waves steps away.

Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts: Budget travelers can find a handful of guesthouses and B&Bs in the Mai Khao area. These are simpler accommodations but often offer warm, personalized hospitality.

Vacation Rentals and Condominiums: Ideal for long-term stays or families, several vacation rental properties are available in the vicinity. These may come with multiple bedrooms, kitchens, and communal pools.

Eco-lodges: Given the area's emphasis on nature and conservation, a few accommodations promote sustainable practices and allow guests to stay amidst nature.

Hostels: While less common than in other parts of Phuket, there might be a few budget hostels or backpacker accommodations around for those traveling on a shoestring.

When choosing a place to stay in Mai Khao Beach, it's essential to consider the kind of experience you're looking for, your budget, and the amenities you'd like to access during your visit.


Mai Khao Beach in Phuket is a serene escape from the island's more bustling areas and offers visitors a delightful range of activities. Here are some of the most popular activities to indulge in while in Mai Khao:

Beach Relaxation: As one of Phuket's longest beaches, Mai Khao offers plenty of space to relax, sunbathe, and swim in its tranquil waters. The beach remains relatively undeveloped, giving it a more natural and less crowded feel.

Turtle Watching: The Sirinath National Park, which overlaps with Mai Khao Beach, is a nesting ground for endangered sea turtles, especially between November and February. Visitors can witness these magnificent creatures laying their eggs on the beach.

Water Sports: While the beach is generally calm, during certain times of the year, it becomes suitable for surfing and bodyboarding. Jet-skiing and kiteboarding are other popular water sports in the area.

Jungle Trekking: The lush green surroundings of Mai Khao are perfect for jungle trekking. Guided tours often lead visitors through dense forests, introducing them to the local flora and fauna.

Visit Splash Jungle Water Park: An excellent destination for families, this water park offers various slides, wave pools, and a lazy river. It's a fun way to cool off and spend a day.

Bird Watching: The nearby wetlands and mangroves make Mai Khao a prime location for bird enthusiasts. The area attracts a variety of bird species, both resident and migratory.

Thai Cooking Classes: Several resorts and independent entities offer cooking classes where you can learn to prepare traditional Thai dishes and take a taste of Thailand home with you.

Cycling: Renting a bicycle is a fantastic way to explore Mai Khao and its surroundings. There are several trails suitable for riders of all levels.

Visit Mai Khao Temple: A prominent cultural landmark in the area, this temple offers insights into the local Buddhist practices and traditions.

Plane Spotting: The northern end of Mai Khao Beach is close to Phuket International Airport's runway. This unique proximity allows visitors to witness planes flying remarkably close overhead, a thrilling sight and a popular photo opportunity.

Whether you're a nature lover, an adrenaline junkie, or someone looking for a peaceful retreat, Mai Khao Beach in Phuket has activities to suit every traveler's taste.


Mai Khao in Phuket is not just celebrated for its pristine beaches and lush surroundings but also for its delightful culinary offerings. If you're planning a visit, be sure to check out these popular eating places that cater to both traditional Thai palates and international tastes:

Mai Khao Seafood: A favorite among locals and tourists alike, this beachfront restaurant serves some of the freshest seafood on the island. Their grilled fish, prawns, and traditional Thai curries are a must-try.

JAHE Restaurant: Located within the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, JAHE offers a refined dining experience with a fusion of traditional and contemporary Thai dishes.

Kin Dee Restaurant: Offering breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, Kin Dee is known for its authentic Thai dishes. Their jungle curry and mango sticky rice are highly recommended.

Deli: Situated within the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, Deli is perfect for those craving pastries, sandwiches, and other Western favorites.

Takieng: This restaurant, located in The Ritz-Carlton, Phuket, offers a fine dining experience with classic Thai dishes, all while offering panoramic sunset views.

Sala Pool Bar: Perfect for a laid-back meal or cocktail, this bar at Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas offers Thai and international cuisine with views overlooking the infinity pool.

Ginja Taste: Another gem within the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, Ginja Taste offers Thai cuisine in an elegant setting, allowing guests to savor dishes like Tom Yum Goong and Massaman Curry.

Rice Restaurant: A part of the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Mai Khao Beach, Rice Restaurant provides a range of Thai, Asian, and international dishes to suit all palates.

Beach Bar: Located in the Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort & Spa, this casual bar provides the ideal ambiance to enjoy a cocktail, beer, or light snack, all with the soothing sounds of waves in the background.

Pesto Restaurant: For those in the mood for Italian, Pesto serves up delicious pizzas, kinds of pasta, and other Italian favorites right in the heart of Mai Khao.

These eateries in Mai Khao Phuket capture the essence of Thai hospitality and culinary excellence, ensuring visitors get a taste of both local and international flavors. Whether you're in the mood for traditional Thai seafood, exquisite international cuisine, or just a cocktail by the beach, Mai Khao has something to tantalize every taste bud.


Mai Khao, located in the northern part of Phuket, is quieter than some of the island's more bustling areas like Patong. However, Mai Khao offers some great options for those seeking a more relaxed, upscale, or beachfront nightlife experience. Here are some of the most popular nightlife spots in Mai Khao:

Infinity Pool Bar at Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas: A chic spot perfect for sundowners. Here, you can sip on craft cocktails while soaking up the tranquil ambiance of the infinity pool and adjacent beach.

Sala Pool Bar: Located within the Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, this bar offers a sophisticated setting to enjoy tropical cocktails, wines, and light snacks by the pool.

Zest Bar at JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa: This cozy bar offers a wide selection of beverages, from tropical cocktails to wines. The live music and entertainment make it a great relaxing evening spot.

Bill Bentley Pub: Located in the Turtle Village shopping mall, this British-style pub is great for those looking to catch live sports events, enjoy a pint of beer, or savor some traditional pub grub.

Cucina Wine Bar: Situated within the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, this Italian-themed wine bar provides an extensive wine list and an romantic and relaxed ambiance.

Mai Khao Beach Restaurants & Bars: While not nightclubs in the traditional sense, many of the beachfront restaurants in Mai Khao turn into laid-back bars in the evening. Here, you can enjoy a cocktail or cold beer with your feet in the sand, listening to the gentle waves.

Andaman Lounge: Also part of the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa, the Andaman Lounge is a great spot for evening entertainment, including live bands and performances.

While Mai Khao doesn't have the vibrant club scene you might find in areas like Patong or Bangla Road, its charm lies in its more serene and upscale nightlife options. It's perfect for enjoying a peaceful evening with good drinks, food, and company.


Mai Khao, situated in the northern tip of Phuket, is a quieter region known for its serene beach setting and luxury resorts. While it might not be as bustling as some other areas of Phuket when it comes to shopping, there are still some notable spots to indulge in retail therapy or pick up souvenirs:

Turtle Village: This is the primary shopping and dining complex in Mai Khao. Designed with traditional Thai architecture, the mall houses various boutique stores, souvenir shops, a supermarket, and dining outlets. You can find local handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, and more here.

JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa's Shopping Arcade: This luxurious resort has a small shopping arcade. It's an excellent place to buy unique souvenirs, fashion items, and essential travel accessories.

Soi Dog Foundation Shop: If you're an animal lover and want to support a good cause, visit the Soi Dog Foundation Shop. They sell various merchandise, including clothing, bags, and accessories, with proceeds going towards helping stray and injured animals in Phuket.

Local Markets: Occasionally, there are local markets set up in Mai Khao where you can find a range of items from fresh produce, local delicacies, to handcrafted souvenirs and trinkets. These markets offer a more authentic shopping experience, allowing you to interact with local vendors.

Sarasin Bridge Souvenir Shops: There are several small souvenir shops near the Sarasin Bridge, which connects Phuket with mainland Thailand. These are great spots to pick up local snacks, handicrafts, and memorabilia.

Resort Boutiques: Many luxury resorts in Mai Khao, like Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas and SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort, have in-house boutiques. These boutiques typically offer a curated selection of upscale fashion, jewelry, local crafts, and more.

While Mai Khao might not have expansive malls or bustling market streets, its shopping offerings reflect its peaceful, upscale atmosphere. Those looking to escape the crowds while still enjoying a touch of retail therapy will appreciate the tranquility and quality of Mai Khao's shopping spots.