Nai Yang Travel & City Guide

Perfect for Nature Lovers Seeking Authentic Thai Charm.

Nai Yang Beach in Phuket is a picturesque haven nestled on the island's northwest coast. A stone's throw from Phuket International Airport, it's a tranquil respite with shady casuarina trees lining its soft sands. Part of the Sirinat National Park, Nai Yang boasts a vibrant reef, making it a favorite among snorkelers. Local food stalls, beachside massage huts, and the nearby bustling village market add to its allure, offering an authentic Thai experience, making Nai Yang an ideal blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Nai Yang Beach in Phuket is best suited for travelers seeking a more laid-back and authentic Thai experience. Its tranquil ambiance makes it perfect for:

Nature Enthusiasts: Being part of the Sirinat National Park, the beach offers a rich natural environment.
Snorkelers and Divers: The vibrant reef near the shore is a haven for underwater explorers.
Cultural Travelers: The nearby village market and local food stalls provide a genuine taste of Thai culture.
Relaxation Seekers: Its serene setting and beachside massage huts offer unparalleled relaxation.
Convenience Travelers: Proximity to Phuket International Airport is a bonus for those on short stays or in transit.



Nai Yang Beach offers a range of accommodations catering to different traveler preferences and budgets:

Luxury Resorts: For those seeking a lavish stay, there are upscale resorts with beachfront views, spas, pools, and fine dining options.

Boutique Hotels offer personalized services and unique designs, ensuring a memorable stay.

Budget Guesthouses: Ideal for backpackers and budget travelers, these guesthouses provide basic amenities at affordable rates.

Beachfront Bungalows: These are perfect for travelers wanting to be close to nature with the beach steps away.

Hostels: A favorite among young travelers and backpackers, hostels in Nai Yang Beach are sociable and cost-effective.

Vacation Rentals: Private villas and apartments are available for families or groups, offering home-like amenities and privacy.

Eco-Resorts: Catering to environmentally conscious travelers, these resorts focus on sustainability and often offer nature-based activities.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious escape or a simple beach hut, Nai Yang Beach has something to fit your needs.


Nai Yang Beach in Phuket is a tranquil haven offering a range of activities for visitors. Here are some of the most popular activities:

Beach Relaxation: With its soft sands and azure waters, many visitors enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and unwinding by the beach.

Snorkeling: The clear waters of Nai Yang are ideal for snorkeling, where one can spot vibrant marine life and coral formations.

Diving: Dive trips are organized for novices and seasoned divers to explore the underwater wonders around the region.

National Park Exploration: The Sirinat National Park, encompassing a part of Nai Yang, offers nature trails, bird watching, and a chance to see the unique flora and fauna.

Water Sports: Kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing are among the water sports available for enthusiasts.

Local Markets: Experience local culture by visiting the nearby markets, where you can sample Thai delicacies and fresh fruits and shop for souvenirs.

Thai Massage: Relieve your stress with a traditional Thai massage at various beachside stalls and spas.

Beachfront Dining: Relish authentic Thai cuisine at the beachside restaurants, with fresh seafood being popular.

Turtle Watching: If you're visiting during the turtle nesting season, you might be lucky to witness sea turtles coming ashore to lay eggs.

Cultural Visits: Local temples and cultural attractions nearby offer insight into Thai traditions and beliefs.

Whether you're an adventurer, nature lover, or someone looking to relax, Nai Yang Beach has diverse activities to ensure a memorable stay.


Nai Yang Beach in Phuket boasts an array of dining venues ranging from local beachfront stalls to upscale restaurants. Here are some of the most popular eating places:

Mr. Tan Coffee Shop: Known for its delightful breakfast options, this café offers freshly brewed coffee and baked goods to start your day right.

Nai Yang Seafood: Located right on the beach, this spot is perfect for those who want to enjoy authentic Thai seafood dishes with a sunset view.

The Palm Cuisine: Offering a fusion of Thai and Western dishes, this restaurant is beloved for its cozy ambiance and delicious meals.

Green Chili Restaurant: A great place to sample traditional Thai cuisine, from spicy curries to delectable stir-fries.

Fenix Beach Restaurant: Part of the Pullman Phuket Arcadia, this upscale dining venue offers international dishes, fresh seafood, and a selection of wines.

Beachfront Stalls: Scattered along the beach are numerous stalls serving mouthwatering street food, including grilled meats, fresh fruits, and local delicacies.

The Beach Restaurant & Bar: Its relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent venue to sip on cocktails and enjoy a range of international dishes.

Skye Beach Club: Not just for its gourmet meals but also for its chic vibe, poolside lounging, and frequent live music events.

Mama Nita's Pizza: For those craving Italian, this place serves some of the best pizzas and pasta in Nai Yang.

Benny’s Café: A favorite for light meals, smoothies, and desserts, particularly its ice cream.

These are just a few highlights, and part of the joy of Nai Yang Beach is exploring the myriad of dining options, whether you're in the mood for local Thai flavors, international cuisine, or fresh seafood by the beach.

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Nai Yang Beach is a relatively quieter part of Phuket compared to areas like Patong, but it still offers visitors a range of nightlife options. Here are some popular nightlife spots in Nai Yang Beach:

Skye Beach Club: A chic venue offering cocktails, gourmet meals, and, often, live music or DJ sets. The ambient lighting and poolside setting make it an excellent place for an evening out.

Beach Bars: Many small, relaxed bars line the shores of Nai Yang, where you can enjoy a drink with your toes in the sand, listening to the waves.

Happy Snapper: This laid-back bar occasionally features live bands and offers a range of local and international drinks.

Black Rock Club: Situated inside the Slate Hotel, this club is a go-to for a more upscale nightlife experience in Nai Yang.

Naiyang Beach Road Bars: Several bars along the main road offer a more local experience with cold beers, cocktails, and often, pool tables.

Rice Restaurant & Lounge: In Dewa Phuket Resort, this lounge provides a sophisticated setting to enjoy evening cocktails.

Bamboo Bar: A beachfront bar known for its relaxed vibe, bamboo architecture, and great sunset views.

Beachfront Stalls: Beyond traditional bars, there are several stalls along the beach in the evenings where you can get local beverages and, sometimes, live acoustic music.

Chill Out Bar: As the name suggests, it’s a great place to chill, enjoy a cold drink, and chat with locals and fellow travelers.

The Sands Beach Bar: A part of Nai Yang Beach Resort, this bar provides a pleasant beachfront setting with a wide range of drinks.

While Nai Yang Beach's nightlife is more low-key than other parts of Phuket, it offers a tranquil atmosphere, allowing visitors to enjoy the evening sea breeze, laid-back music, and the natural beauty of the beachfront.


Nai Yang Beach, located near Phuket International Airport, is a more tranquil and less commercialized area of Phuket. However, it still offers shopping options for those seeking local products, souvenirs, or daily necessities. Here are some popular shopping places and experiences in Nai Yang Beach:

Nai Yang Market: This local market operates a few days a week and is a good place to experience local life. You can find fresh produce, seafood, Thai street food, and local handicrafts here.

Beachfront Stalls: Along the beach, especially during the evening, various stalls sell everything from local snacks and drinks to handmade jewelry, crafts, and beachwear.

Nai Yang Village: Wander around the village to find small shops selling souvenirs, clothing, and other essentials.

Sirinat National Park Shops: Inside or near the park entrance, you can find shops selling souvenirs related to the park, beach essentials, and local snacks.

Phuket Airport Shops: Since Nai Yang is close to Phuket International Airport, you can also explore the airport's shopping area for more extensive shopping options, including duty-free shops, brand boutiques, and local product stores.

Tailor Shops: Like many areas in Phuket, Nai Yang has a few tailor shops where you can get custom-made clothing.

Local Handicraft Shops: Around the area, you may come across small stores selling handmade products, from woven goods to coconut shell crafts.

Massage & Spa Shops: While not traditional "shopping," Nai Yang offers numerous massage and spa parlors where you can purchase relaxation and wellness services, including traditional Thai massages, facials, and spa packages.

Mini Marts & Convenience Stores: For daily essentials, snacks, and beverages, there are several 7-Elevens and local mini-marts scattered around the Nai Yang area.

While Nai Yang Beach doesn't boast large shopping malls or markets like other parts of Phuket, it provides a more intimate and local shopping experience. It's an ideal place for visitors who enjoy serene settings and want to shop for authentic local products without the overwhelming crowds.