A Culinary Jewel by the Andaman Sea

Nestled with a view overlooking the majestic Andaman Sea, Acqua Restaurant in Phuket is more than just a dining experience; it's an architectural masterpiece. The restaurant's black-and-white themed design, sleek lines, and modernistic appeal seamlessly complement its stunning natural backdrop. This establishment isn't about bragging; it's about achieving perfection in proportion and ambiance.

Acqua is the brainchild of Alessandro Frau, a visionary in culinary arts and design and concept development. His approach to crafting Acqua wasn't simply about creating a dining space but about constructing an experience.

The menu at Acqua is a testament to Chef Alessandro's dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients. Every dish reflects his global culinary journey from the red prawns of Sicily to the burrata cheese of Puglia, from the sea urchin of Sardinia to the best oysters of France. He believes in drawing from regions' specialties, capturing their essence in his creations.

A recipient of numerous accolades, Acqua stands tall among the pantheon of Asian restaurants. It's not just a Michelin-mentioned establishment but has also been repeatedly recognized by the Wine Spectator for its exquisite wine selection. Its notable achievement is the Best of Award of Excellence.

Chef Alessandro Frau: A Culinary Maestro

A native of Sardinia, Alessandro Frau's journey into the culinary world began in the bustling kitchens of London. From there, his passion took him across continents - from Mexico to Paris, and from Sweden to Thailand. By 28, he became the Executive Chef at Sheraton Grande Laguna in Phuket, managing a culinary brigade of 130 chefs.

Yet, his quest for personal culinary expression led to the creation of Acqua. Rooted in traditional Italian and Sardinian cuisine, Alessandro’s dishes are a confluence of authenticity and innovation. For him, it's not about rewriting the culinary rulebook but evolving it.

With its rich coastal seafood and unique inland delicacies, Sardinia has had a profound influence on Alessandro. His dishes at Acqua resonate with memories of this island, blending traditional flavors with modern techniques.

Today, as Acqua enjoys its position as one of Phuket's most celebrated establishments, Chef Alessandro's dedication and artistry are evident in every plate served. His recognition as one of the "Best 20 Chefs in Asia" in 2015 by Now Travel Asia Magazine is a testament to his unparalleled culinary journey.


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    An outstanding Italian Gem!

    Acqua, an outstanding Italian gem nestled in Kalim Beach, is the brainchild of the gifted and affable Chef Alessandro Frau. Within a decade of its opening, Acqua has been graced with numerous accolades, most notably the 'Plate' award from the Phuket Michelin Guide.

    Its location, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach and closer to Kamala, lends an element of exclusivity. Though the restaurant's aesthetic excellence might make it seem elusive, its warm reception is palpable. Over the past ten years, not only has Acqua's fame soared, but Chef Alessandro's culinary inventiveness has also evolved, making each dish a testament to his passion.

    A quick note: Our review remains unbiased. We visited incognito, settling our bills without any endorsements.
    At Acqua, there's a palpable dedication to ingredient integrity. As they've ascended the culinary ladder, no shortcuts have been taken, ensuring that each plate sings with authenticity and flavor. Patrons come with elevated expectations, and Acqua consistently rises to the occasion.

    Our previous visit was a few years ago, and while it was memorable, we felt the need for a renewed experience, especially given their recent accolades. The spacious interior of the restaurant is thoughtfully designed, ensuring intimacy despite its capacity. While walk-ins might be feasible during off-peak times, securing a reservation during peak season is advisable. One might note the lack of scenic views due to its roadside location, but the culinary journey compensates amply.

    On the Menu: Acqua's extensive menu promises a dish for every palate. Though the main courses have their allure, our penchant leans towards the entrees — fresh, innovative, visually delightful, and just the right portion size. But a mere glance at the menu won't do justice; the magic lies in the tasting. Names and descriptions only do so much; the real mastery is in achieving the perfect taste and texture.

    On our visit, we entrusted Chef Alessandro with our culinary journey, and the result was a mesmerizing 10-course feast. Every course was a spectacle — visually arresting and gastronomically satisfying. Words would scarcely capture the symphony of flavors that danced on our palates.

    While we could enumerate each dish, it wouldn't capture the essence. However, the accompanying photographs might offer a hint at the meticulous presentation. Expect to pay between 600 to 1,200 baht for an appetizer.

    In Conclusion: For those special evenings or for discerning culinary aficionados, Acqua stands out. It's an investment, no doubt, but the returns — in taste, experience, and memories — are well worth it.

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