Low Season Diving Phuket

The low season on the west coast of Thailand is from May to October. We sometimes also call it the green season, some may call it the rainy season. The weather is variable-some days are sunny, some days might be wet. Sometimes the wind blows and makes rough seas, sometimes the weather is calm. At this time of year you do have to be lucky with the weather, but visitors to Phuket in the low season can take advantage of low hotel prices and everything is a bit less crowded than high season.

Scuba diving continues year round from Phuket although in low season, more remote destinations such as the Similan Islands or Hin Daeng are not available. There are daily scheduled trips to local dive sites around Phuket and Phi Phi, and if you never dived before, why not give it a try! Here’s some low season diving options from Phuket.

Phi Phi Islands Overnight

Best trip for certified divers during the low season. Every Friday-Saturday and Monday-Tuesday, a 7 dive overnight trip to Phi Phi is organised. This includes a hotel stay, all meals and dives including the King Cruiser Wreck, the Bida Islands in Phi Phi, and a night dive too! Always a fun trip with a good variety of diving and a chance to sample the nightlife in Phi Phi too.

Diving At Racha Yai Island

Never tried diving before? But you like pretty fish, right? Maybe you’ve been snorkelling and wanted to get down there with the animals. So long as you are healthy and comfortable in the water, you can try diving...and you’ll love it! Day trips to Racha Yai island head out every day.

If you sign up for a Discover Scuba Diving trip you will have 2 dives with an instructor in shallow water on a full day trip including breakfast and lunch. Racha Yai is the ideal place to try, the water is almost always calm and clear. It’s also a good place for a refresher dive if you are certified but have not dived for a while.

King Cruiser Wreck

More advanced divers can enjoy daily trips to the King Cruiser Wreck which was an 85m long ferry that sank nearly 20 years ago. The wreck has collapsed in places, but is a great dive. Currents can be strong, and with the depth at 30m, you do need to be more than just a new Open Water diver to dive here. Normally a dive at the wreck is combined with a dive at Shark Point, where you are likely to see leopard sharks, and a 3rd dive at Koh Doc Mai, which is a great place to find critters like seahorses and ghost pipefish.