Top 10 Small Islands Around Phuket

Have you ever wondered about the most picturesque small islands near Phuket? You're not alone.

Phuket, a jewel of the Andaman Sea, is flanked by numerous little islands on its eastern coast. There are many choices, from minuscule rocky outcrops to larger habitable land masses.

These islands offer a spectrum of experiences. Whether you're looking for a bustling scene, a family-friendly beach, or a secluded paradise, there's something for everyone.

Planning an Overnight Stay? Here are my top picks:

  • Koh He (Coral Island): A youthful energy with its Coral Island Resort, lively bar, and thrilling water activities like parasailing.
  • Koh Naka Yai Island: Dive into luxury with two elite resorts, diverse beaches, and a handful of cozy accommodations.
  • Ko Yao Islands (Yai & Noi): A mix of beaches, engaging activities, varied stays, and many eateries.

Additionally, consider Koh Lawa Yai, Koh Lon, Koh Maiton, and others for accommodations. Discover more details below!

Seeking a Serene Day Trip? Explore:

  • Koh Bon Island: A peaceful haven with tasty cuisine, a relaxed atmosphere, and a pristine sandy beach.
  • Koh Kaeo Yai Island: An ideal family picnic spot with snorkeling opportunities and a quaint Buddhist shrine.
  • Koh Khai Nok Island: Experience tranquility (outside peak boat-tour times) on a white sandy shore with quaint food huts.

For a Short Excursion:

  • Kho Tapao Islands (Yai & Noi): A simple, undisturbed retreat.
  • Koh Kaeo Noi Island: Venture for a brisk hike on this rocky landform.
  • Koh Khai Nai Island: A tiny gem for the daring sailor, equipped with snack stops.

Choose based on your desires - partying with the masses, seeking solace on secluded shores, or exploring underwater treasures. 

Dive into our comprehensive guide below to discover details about each island's features, access points, available amenities, and more.

Dive Deeper:
Our blog stands unparalleled, offering a short dive into ten islands near Phuket, covering their beaches and amenities. It's a treasure trove of information for those planning a memorable cruise around Phuket.

Koh Bon Island: A verdant island situated just a mile off Phuket's southeastern coast, near Rawai Beach. Spanning approximately 4,100 feet, its terrain is dense mainly with trees, 
save for its rocky and sandy coastlines. Notably, the northern end boasts the acclaimed Bon Island Restaurant, surrounded by an expansive sandy stretch perfect for lounging. 
Though you might spot small beaches along Koh Bon's western and southern edges from aerial views, many are inaccessible by boat due to underwater rocks. For an optimal visit, 
head to the northeastern Koh Bon Beach. However, the dense vegetation prevents a walk from this beach to the restaurant, so your boat remains essential for commuting.

Koh He Island: Popularly known as Coral Island, lies off the southeastern coast of Phuket Island, near Rawai Beach. Just a short boat ride further than nearby Koh Bon, it stretches for 
about 2 miles and is adorned with lush trees. Like many islands flanking Phuket, Koh He boasts a rich forest and rugged coastline. Its most prominent beach, situated roughly at its 
center on the northern shore, spans 2,700 ft., making it the largest sandy expanse on the island. This beach is a magnet for visitors. Historically, Koh He enjoyed a reputation for 
being less touristy than many other eastern Phuket islands, offering a more serene experience.

Koh Kaeo Yai Island: Located just 0.64 miles from Phuket's Promthep Cape, it is the largest of two islands sharing the name. Spanning approximately 0.5 miles in length and a quarter mile 
at its broadest, it's a stone's throw from Rawai Beach, with longtail boats offering the most convenient passage. This petite island boasts a quaint Buddhist shrine housing resident monks. Visitors can wander around, capturing memories of the prominent Buddha statue and the legendary. 
Buddha's footprint. While the island is predominantly enveloped in dense foliage, making navigating challenging, its pristine beach offers an ideal relaxing spot. 
If you're an underwater enthusiast, don't miss out on a snorkeling session. However, always be vigilant about the boats around and ensure you snorkel with safety flags to alert nearby 

Koh Kaeo Noi Island: Located approximately 0.5 miles south of Koh Kaeo Yai Island is its petite sibling, Koh Kaeo Noi Island. Resembling a diamond, the island spans around 1,826 feet and is about two-thirds as wide. Unlike its larger counterpart, Koh Kaeo Noi lacks sandy shores. However, for the adventurous spirit, convincing a boat captain for a drop-off might provide an opportunity to venture around the island's rocky perimeter. Embarking on this exploration would be roughly a mile-long hike. 
It's essential to ensure the boat remains nearby for pickup, as the island lacks amenities or establishments.

Koh Khai Nai Island: A minuscule gem located almost nine miles directly east of Rawai Beach on Phuket’s southeastern coast. Its diminutive size might make it easy to overlook on maps, but the island boasts small beach areas on its northeast and southern sides. Koh Khai Nai stretches merely 146 feet at its longest. While the island's shallow waters can make it challenging for boats to anchor, there are signs of amenities like beach umbrellas, drink, and snack stands lining the beach. Tourists keen on visiting the famed James Bond Island might note that boats often halt at the neighboring Koh Khai Nok Island and its beach.

Koh Lon Island: Positioned off Phuket Island's southeast coast, it stretches approximately 2.3 miles in length and 1.2 miles in width. This sizable island, visibly close to the coast, is popular for locals and tourists. With shuttles operating regularly, it offers a short, adventurous escape for those looking to explore. While muddy terrains often characterize beaches on Phuket Island's east coast and lack fine sand, several islands nearby, including Koh Lon, present pristine white sandy beaches. Notably, Koh Lon is adorned with beaches such as Baan Mai, Cruiser, Poh, Lek, Y Deang, Bamboo, and Kwan, providing diverse coastal experiences to visitors.

Koh Racha Yai Island: A must-visit if you're in Phuket. This island boasts pristine beaches that beckon visitors for an extended stay. The sand here is precisely the type beachgoers dream of - immaculate white, luxuriously deep, and abundant. While the island houses multiple beautiful beaches, make it a point to explore them all. The Racha archipelago consists of two primary islands: Yai and Noi. Koh Racha Yai, the larger of the two, is about 10.5 miles south-southwest from Phuket's southernmost point, nestled in the Andaman Sea. It spans an impressive length of nearly 2.5 miles and is roughly a mile wide. If you're searching for a quintessential beach experience, this is the place 
to be!

Koh Yao Noi Island: Offers a different kind of beach experience. While many anticipate soft sandy beaches, this island mainly presents muddy shores. The few sandy patches often mingle 
with dirt, resulting in water that's not always clear. Without the typical waves, it might not be the first choice for water enthusiasts. However, Koh Yao Noi provides the perfect setting for those seeking tranquility and a relaxed atmosphere. Located just north of its larger counterpart, Koh Yao Yai, Koh Yao Noi is substantial in its own right, stretching 7.7 miles in length and about 4 miles at its broadest. 
The island, with its understated development, exudes a serene vibe. Long Beach stands out for those keen on experiencing the island's beaches. Although it requires a bit of a journey, preferably by motorbike, its seclusion makes it the quintessential spot for a peaceful picnic away from the crowds.

Koh Yao Yai Island: stretches approximately 16.6 miles, with its width varying between two to four miles, making it significant in size. Both islands have seen development and offer a plethora of activities. Many visitors to Phuket opt to transfer to Koh Yao, gravitating towards its more relaxed island ambiance over the bustling Phuket vibe. While Koh Yao Yai boasts numerous bays, its beaches often leave much to be desired. Take Ao Muong Beach, located in the island's southwest: its aerial view is picturesque,  presenting azure waters against sandy shores. However, upon closer inspection, the beach is marred by litter, an unfortunate oversight by the local community.