With kids in Phuket

If you’re stuck on what to do with your children, let us lead you to some of Phuket’s top kid-friendly activities and attractions. Why not do a bit of zorbing? That’s right, roll down a steep hill at scary miles an hour and both you and your kids will experience a thrill that you’ll not forget. There is a zorbing park in Kalim, which is the next beach town north of Patong.



Phuket offers several attractions for tourists and locals alike, and water parks are among the favourites, especially for families. Here are the top 3 water parks in Phuket:

Andamanda Phuket Water Park:

Situated in Kathu near Phuket Town, Andamanda Phuket stands out as a vast water park, stretching over an impressive 100,000 sq.m. With 25 diverse attractions, visitors can experience everything from exhilarating water slides to a massive 10,000 sq.m. artificial wave pool. A highlight is Southeast Asia's longest lazy river, spanning 550 meters. The park integrates Thai mythology into its design, segmenting it into five themed zones:

  • The Pearl Palace for reception and shopping;
  • Coral World, is ideal for younger guests;
  • the adventurous Emerald Forest;
  • The Great Andaman Bay showcases a pool with a James Bond Island replica;
  • and the adrenaline-pumping Naga Jungle.

Blue Tree Phuket

Located in the serene locale of Cherngtalay, Blue Tree Phuket stands as a distinguished recreational and leisure destination, inviting both locals and tourists to its expansive grounds. This eco-friendly haven champions sustainable practices, ensuring that its vast offerings remain in harmony with nature. The centrepiece of Blue Tree is its impressive lagoon, enabling a range of water sports and activities, from paddleboarding to casual swimming. Complementing this is a selection of exhilarating water slides and more placid pools designed for relaxation.

But water activities are just the beginning. Blue Tree prides itself on its comprehensive amenities, ranging from a plethora of dining establishments catering to varied palates to retail outlets offering a blend of local and international products. The wellness activities on-site promise rejuvenation, making it a holistic experience for visitors.

Designed with families in mind, the complex also boasts dedicated zones for children, ensuring that younger guests have just as enriching an experience as adults. Whether it's for a day of adventure or a tranquil evening, Blue Tree Phuket effortlessly combines the essence of Thai hospitality with sustainable luxury, making it a must-visit when in the region.

Splash Jungle Water Park

Located in the northern part of the island near Mai Khao Beach, Splash Jungle Water Park is one of Phuket's largest and most popular water parks. It features a range of slides for all ages, a lazy river, a wave pool, and even a spa area. The park's theme covers various world continents, and the attractions are named accordingly.

Phuket Wake Park

Located on the island's east side, is a haven for adrenaline enthusiasts and water sports lovers. Offering a state-of-the-art cable system, both beginners and seasoned wakeboarders can enjoy gliding over the water, executing tricks, or navigating obstacles. The park's serene lake setting, complemented by top-notch facilities like equipment rental, professional instructors, and a chill-out area with food and beverages, ensures a wholesome experience. Whether you're seeking a thrilling activity or simply watching the action unfold, Phuket Wake Park promises an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Rawai Park

Situated in the southern part of Phuket, Rawai Park boasts not just water features but also playgrounds and indoor play zones for kids. The water park section is designed mainly for younger kids, making it a favourite for families with toddlers and small children. It boasts a range of aquatic attractions, from exhilarating slides to kid-friendly pools, ensuring enjoyment for all ages. With its tropical landscape design, visitors are immersed in a refreshing and lively atmosphere. Beyond the water features, the park provides ample lounging areas, tasty refreshments, and dedicated zones for children. As a favourite escape from Phuket's bustling tourist spots, Rawai Water Park offers a delightful blend of relaxation and entertainment amidst the island's natural beauty.

When planning a visit, always check for the park's current operating hours and any COVID-19-related restrictions or protocols they might have in place.



So, you’re coming to Phuket with your children (child) under 12, and you want to know, “Which beaches are going to be best for us?”

We’ll operate on the idea that more is more for kids under 12. The more activity going on at the beach, and your accommodations, the better. The more your child can do and look at it, the better. He or she may not be ready to hang a couple hundred meters in the air under a parachute being pulled behind a boat – that’s OK! But, I’ll bet they enjoy watching it happen for a while and it helps kids understand that there’s more to life than sledge riding or skiing in your home country!
What Criteria Do We Use for Recommending the Best Phuket Family Beaches?

1) Great kid-friendly resort
2) Soft sand to play in
3) Good food at the beach, or at the resort
4) Safe to access
5) Trees or umbrellas to shelter you from the sun
6) Gentle waves and shallow water, and/or an awesome swimming pool

The article 5 Best Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids under 12 lists 5 Phuket beaches that fit these criteria below. Keep in mind that there are plenty of things for kids to do at a beach, but if you bring some – that’s so much better. Fill a carry-on with things for your child to do while in Phuket, and your children’s vacation will be so much better. Yours too! Know what? Why not make the toys you bring a surprise – you know how kids love surprises!



If you want to take your children on an educational day out, there are plenty of options to choose from. Head to Phuket Aquarium for an insightful look at the surrounding sea’s marine life, as well as fish from further afield where you’ll have the opportunity to view the world’s largest coral reef fish – giant groupers; see scary piranhas and electric eels; walk through the tunnel tank full of eagle rays and leopard sharks; and during weekends, watch shark feeding.


Hanuman World
A thrilling destination in Phuket tailored for adventure enthusiasts, Hanuman World offers exhilarating ziplining experiences across the island's lush jungles. Suited for older kids, teenagers, and adults alike, participants can soar through the treetops, enjoying breathtaking aerial views of the verdant landscapes. 
An ode to nature and adrenaline, Hanuman World provides a unique and unforgettable adventure in the heart of Phuket.

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf
Situated on the picturesque Bangtao Beach, this venue allows youngsters to engage in mini-golf surrounded by a lush tropical ambience.

Happy Kids Club
Positioned in Central Phuket Floresta's chic locale, this upscale indoor play centre is a haven for children. Facilities encompass climbing zones, expansive trampolines, engaging workshops, a vibrant library, and distinct play areas for infants and young toddlers. Moreover, the proximate Famous Café lets parents unwind while their kids are engrossed in playful learning.

Adventure Village
This indoor recreational hub is dedicated to maximizing family entertainment. It's a plethora of varied activities that guarantee fun for all. From trampolines, foam pits, zip lines, and diverse slides, to roller skating rinks, net climbing spots, and a pirate-themed playground – the options are myriad. Special mentions include the Lego Play Zone and traditional carousels. Moreover, the village prides itself on its standout 'Birthday Package', ensuring unforgettable celebrations for children.

3D Museum Phuket
Dive into a world where art comes alive at the 3D Museum Phuket. This interactive space boasts life-sized murals and installations that, when viewed from specific angles, create stunning three-dimensional illusions. Perfect for families and travellers of all ages, visitors can pose and become part of various captivating scenes, from standing atop perilous cliffs to interacting with giant creatures. Beyond just a visual treat, it's an engaging experience that offers endless photo opportunities, making your Phuket memories truly stand out.